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Powder Peddler #041

$18.00 USD
Powder Peddler #041
  • Powder Peddler #041

You meet an old ram on a lonely road one night and he offers his interesting wares that may or may not regress you in age...maybe. Do you buy from him? 👀

Hard enamel
1.75in/44.45mm at its widest point
Glitter and Glow enamel
Poofy Pins logo backstamp
Black Nickel Finish
2 Back posts
2 Purple rubber backings

Disclaimer: All of our pins come with rubber backings. While they stay on quite well, we do not have a return/warranty policy if your pin/rubber backs fall off. We do offer locking pin backs that will safely secure your pin. These are under "Misc." in the shop!